“The secrets of improvisations and harmony” PDF English ver


Davide Bianchi
It is a complete method, suitable for all guitarists, from the positions of the major scale to “out” playing, through a very well organized progressive path, exercises, scales, arpeggios, phrases, solos, harmonizations, theory, patterns, double notation pentagram and tabulatura. Clear and precise setting, divided by topics. Congratulations indeed a great job, very attractive also the cover, thanks!

Renato Maccacaro
Great clear and complete book … too complete …

Gaetano Pedroni
A compendium very well done that offers a lot of information to those who want to deepen the study of modern guitar and improvisation to take that step forward that every guitarist, of any level can and wants to achieve. Congratulations to the author. Good study to all six-string friends.

Davide Mengacci
Hi everyone, I wanted to recommend all the guitarists to Alessio Menconi’s new method! I am finding myself very well and inside there are many things to grow on your instrument, the result of Menconi’s great musical experience.

Luca Politanò
It’s cool! I already tell you there is everything I was looking for !!!!

Robi Costs
I have to tell you that your book is wonderful and explains both the theory and the practice very well !!



Standard Harmonisations, Harmonic Progressions, Scales and Arpeggios, Technique, Rhythm, Theory. An all-encompassing handbook with scores and tabs written by Alessio Menconi, internationally renowned guitarist and teacher, in collaboration with Andrea Golembiewski and Luca Urso, translated by Dave Bova.
Over two hundred pages delivering a comprehensive study of jazz guitar; a book that may interest anyone who wants to further explore the art of improvisation and wants to acquire an in-depth knowledge of harmony. Based on the lessons of Alessio Menconi, who after years of teaching in various conservatoires and having performed thousands of concerts all over the world, has developed a personal view on the study of the instrument and has highlighted an original jazz guitar method with many original and effective exercises.

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